Jan 16 2012

Mama's Little Bakery, Chicago illinois

For the tastiest cheesecake in town

Now we all love tasty cheesecake, at Mama's Little Bakery Chicago illinois we love Vanilla Cheesecake and believe we have the secret to the creamiest cheesecake in the world

Note - we have had several complaints from Mrs Braverman downstairs about her delivery from Mama's Little Bakery, Chicago illinois not arriving at her house - we have now sent her a few cheesecakes and she is yet to sample the beautiful cheesecakes supplied from us here at Mama's Little Bakery. Luckily we have recently been sent video evidence of these cheescakes been taken and enjoyed from her neighbours - please let us know if you recognise the people in this video footage so we can put a stop to this and make sure Mrs Braverman gets her cheesecake